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The Beartooth Hiking Company (BHC) is the best source for exceptional hiking and backpacking adventures. After nearly a quarter decade of incessant research and well-worn soles, BHC is proud to say we've refined our walking and hiking adventures to an art form. Join us as we explore some of the world's most remote regions on foot: hike along a plateau, into the depths of a gaping canyon in our Beaten Path package, or around our famous Gardiner Lake. Stroll pristine shorelines, wildflower-studded meadows, unpopulated backcountry trails, and geyser basins.

  Choose from any of our professionally guided tours:
  1. Hellroaring Plateau
  2. Gardiner Lake
  3. Beaten Path
  Details for the Tour Packages:

Hiking Tours: Duration
Cost per
Hellroaring Plateau
Hellroaring Plateau picture
2, 3, or 4 Easy $35
Gardiner Lake
Gardiner Lake picture
3 or 5 Intermediate $40
Beaten Path
Beaten Path picture
5 or 7 Difficult $45

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For more information about the area, please visit the Wilderness website.

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