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 Who's Your Robot

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Power Cycle
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Who's Your Robot

Trivia Contest Rules...

This innovative, art-rock group was formed in White Marsh, USA, in early 2004, by vocalist Gene B.  He had formerly starred in the Cure-influenced Psi Com, from whose ranks would also emerge Dino Paredes, while it is rumored that two other former members joined the Hare Krishna sect. With the additions of guitarist Chad, bass player Jason and drummer Paul, Gene's Addiction incorporates Think Customer First elements of efficient troubleshooting and first-class service into a unique  soundscape.

 Band Members' Bios: 
Gene - Lead Singer, Producer, & Manager:

Born in Maryland. Lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. But raised in Maryland. That means I still hate Robert Irsay. Gear: Ax- 1998 PRS McCarty, 2003 Jimmy Vaughan Stratocaster , 1971 Gibson Country Western Acoustic.Amp-Marshal Combo. Strings-Elixir.10's
Paul - Drummer:

Currently residing on the not quite dark, not
quite light side of the moon... more like the early morning/late afternoon side of the moon. No matter what time it is he's always just missed tea and toast. Paul is a Virgo and enjoys long walks along the Sea of Tranquility. Also in his spare time he enjoys vaporizing millions of murderous alien bugs. Wait, Wait... I'm thinking of Duck Dodgers... Paul is boring.
Sotirios - Sax Player:

So you want to know what basic inputs and outputs he prefers huh? Well yeah, Sotirios and the robot are like this (Cross your fingers and look at them) you know, close. In fact he taught him all that he knows. No wait, that is, the robot taught him, ah, no, he actually, never mind. Back on track... born where a lot of other things were born, Athens, Greece. That's right sunny Greece, where the sea is as clear as pool water and the air is breezy cool, well at least on the islands. Has lived as far north as Canada and as far south as North Carolina. Finally settled in Maryland for the past 25 years. Currently lovin' the heck out workin' at Comcast. And he quotes, "Can you believe that we actually get paid for this!" Sounds like he really likes it there. "Ah Duh!, of coarse I do." Peace.
Alicia - Lead & Backup Vocals:

I was born in Jamaica. I'm a backup singer, but I'm not very good...but my braces look great on stage. You could also see my dimples from the back row, which is nice. My main drawback is that I forget my filter quite often. My husband doesn't mind that I'm out on tour all the time because he has an addiction.... gaming. I'm partially to blame for said addiction... after all I do supply him with video games and consoles. I am currently in school because I don't like the music we play, I only like reggae. Did I mention, I flew to Jamaica for free?
Jason - Bass Guitar:

Born and in Massachusetts I moved to Maryland at the old age of seven. Ah those good old days in Mass. The long walks to the street corner. Those afternoons throwing sand and trying to hit a wiffleball with a oversized bat.... Well now I live here in Baltimore. I was a field Technician in my golden years. I survived months and months of actually seeing customers FACE TO FACE. {shudder} Now that I'm "over the hill" I work here in the call center. I hope to retire, move to Florida, and become a self made millionaire at the elderly age of 26.... which is next year. Let's see what happens! Wish me luck!
John - Keyboards:

As you may have noticed my eyes are a little crossed, that's a side effect from the meds. They say most of the voices have stopped...except one...we think he has tourettes due to the rude outbursts...sorry again. I've lived in Baltimore all my life. I try to get out as often as I can, I like to walk barefoot in the grass and rub a little sunshine on my face...but...they clean the cage so fast I don't get to do that often. Currently, I have.....Shut up...but I want to talk...he told you to shut up...Guys STOP I'm almost done. Sorry, I've...I've gotta go, it's time for my meds...I think. See you on Tour Man. Peace! OK now you can talk...not you...but he was talking to me...Shut Up're not the boss of me... I take the pill makes me the boss people.
Dayon - Band's Head Body Guard:

A long time ago in a galaxy far far, no.....Once upon a that idea!...It was a dark & gloomy night (lightning visuals and roaring thunder sounds)..nah! That's lame...okay, okay I got it.....In the begining!.....ah..hmm...Nope! I have to think of something endearing, something very compelling! Uh-huh! I got It! We will be the Company to.....(yawn sound)...boring! Anyway, it is rare that an author can write a story so full of grace and so full of passion that it touches the lives of those that read it! And guess what? This isn't one of those moments!
Jon - Rhythm Guitar:

I @m Jonathan Anders0n. I try 2 be frieNdly @nd soc1alize, but somet1mes I think pe0ple are afraid of me. I don't know - all I wat is some fri3nds. I'm n0t such a bad guy...s0mEt1mez I think no 0ne nder5tand5 m3. :)
Stuart - Band's Roadie:

Making sure the band members stay on track is my primary role. You see, if I don't stay on top of these guys, all heck would break loose. One time, I caught Dayon diving into the audience without net, and then you got Darlene and Chad always trying to upstage Gene. So, you see, trying to manage these clowns is a full time job, but someone's got to do it. - Peace, from the redneck roadie.
Darlene - Video Producer:

About me, well...I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay. And I pity Any girl who isn't me today. I feel charming Oh so charming. It's alarming how charming I feel. And so pretty That I hardly can believe I'm real. See the pretty girl in that mirror there? Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face Such a pretty dress. Such a pretty smile. Such a pretty me! I feel stunning And entrancing. Feel like running And dancing for joy...
Maximum Jane's Addiction Chad - Lead Guitar:

When I'm not "working" at Comcast I am trying to rid my life of stress and negativity. To do this I waste most of my time playing video games, watching movies and hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. Due to diminished leisure time availability, I try to never answer e-mail or the phone so.. If you want to reach me, leave me alone. If you're interesting I'll find you.
Jeff - Marketing:

Once my 5 years in a Cuban prison were up for smuggling cigars, I moved to Miami enlisting the services of a plastic surgeon and went on to be one of the founding members of N'SYNC. Due to "creative differences," I left the band to be a backup for the Back Street Boys.  Many tours later, I was found wandering the streets of LA mumbling, "I want my binky back." Spent a year in hypnotic therapy to remove all the "boy band" lyrics from my head so I could think clearly again.  That's when I landed this gig, which is much better than any boy band ever could be!
Shane - Product Promotion:

I sell, provide and accept trade ins on used merchandise. I work in a factory and what we don't use there I sell to Rock Bands because Rock Bands need their image to go around the world.
Robin - Sound Boards & Production:

Robin has been with Comcast since August of 2000. Prior to his employment with Comcast, he was a prize fighter in an underground fighting organization in Cambodia. Robin has also been a matador, a circus clown, and a Quik-E-Mart clerk.
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Maximum Jane's Addiction   Remedy to TTS
(Chrome Dreams) Released 09.13.03

 Album Details
Strays [ECD] *   @Home Network *
(Capitol / EMI Records) Released 05.22.97

 Album Details
Photo Credit: Fernanda Hermany

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