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Great on older cars!

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Not a paste! Not a cream!

It's a Liquid!

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About 10 years ago, a neighbor, who worked for a car dealership, cleaning their "trade ins" introduced me a product they used to make them look new again.  He was so eager to talk about it,  when he asked if he could demonstrate it to me, I had to see for myself.  I WAS SHOCKED!  When I saw that it was a liquid, not a pasty wax or cream, I immediately discounted it's effectiveness.  He put some on a rag.  Wiped it on.  It took only seconds to dry turning to a white paste. 
With a few easy strokes, he wiped away the wax.
  Turning the rag over, he revealed to me all the dirt that it took off. 
I was surprised... I had just washed it!   

Ever curious, I pulled out a top brand's "scratch remover" wax. 
Diamond Shield did just as good a job at hiding the scratches than Brand X's wax,
except that Diamond Shield was easier to apply!


I've spent 10 years occasionally comparing waxes.  Having relocated a couple of times, I couldn't find it anywhere.  Diamond Shield Auto Wax is produced in a small town in the hills in the center of my home state.  Before moving away the first time, I bought several bottles.  After returning to the East Coast, I found a distributor out of a rundown warehouse outside of a small town that supplies chemicals to car washes, dealerships, etc.  He said that he is the only one in the entire state that carries it.  Turns out, he's the only one across several states that carries it.  I phoned in my bulk order (that's the only way he sells his products).
When I arrived, I talked to the owner. 

He said he was surprised that not very many people seem to know about this stuff. 
After telling him about how much I loved the product, he stated,
"Yeah, I use it on my truck too... have been for years. I love the stuff." 

Now, I'm in a unique position and can offer it to you.

 Don't just take our word for it. 
See for yourself with this 1990 Ford Bronco II with almost 200,000 miles on it!

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1.                 2.                 3.               4.

Notice in picture # 3 and especially in picture # 4 that you can see clearly the town homes
in the background, reflecting not just off the glass, but off the painted areas as well!

I have called the company direct. They do not sell it in stores!
They don't accept credit cards!

They went so far as to tell me that the best way to purchase it is through
the distributor I found. I searched the internet looking for this product for years.
No one has ever offered it! 

So... I created this website to offer it to you:

1 Quart Bottle (32 Fl Oz)
(That's 2.5 pounds of liquid wax!)


$29.95 US Dollars


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